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Sign and symptom of HPV

A sign and symptom of HPV can be identified only by a health care provider. HPV infection usually develops in the epithelial layers of different organs. Today the screening and treatment of HPV-related diseases is among the most important purposes of public health care, since HPV is a highly prevalent sexually transmitted infection and, in addition, the infection with some HPV types, like HPV 16 and 18, is the essential risk factor of cervical cancer. 

In most people HPV infection does not cause any symptoms. Usually the application of special tests is necessary to determine a sign and symptom of HPV. HPV-induced conditions are plantar, flat and genital warts, cervical and vaginal dysplasia, cancer of the cervix, and others. An inexperienced person does not know exactly how to find and diagnose these diseases. Besides the diagnosis, a specialist is able to evaluate the risk of the present disease. 

A common sign and symptom of HPV is the presence of warts. In most cases warts cause a psychological and cosmetic discomfort and are not very dangerous for general health. Very often warts regress on their own. It is related to the fact that the body is able to develop specific immunity to the type of HPV which caused the present warts. But the development of immunity against HPV may take months or years. Warts may also be removed by surgical methods like cryotherapy or laser therapy. 

Genital HPV infection in women is dangerous because it induces not only warts (condylomas), but also a precancerous condition called dysplasia. Cervical or vaginal dysplasia may progress to cancer within several years, for this reason it is estimated to be very important to find HPV infection early. Early detection of a sign and symptom of HPV gives an opportunity to begin an appropriate treatment in time and prevent the development of precancerous and cancerous cell changes. 

Female HPV-related lesions are frequently present inside the vagina and on the cervix. In this case they can be detected only during pelvic examination or special procedures called colposcopy. During colposcopy the doctor examines the cervix with the help of a special microscope. Application of special solutions during colposcopy makes it easier to detect a sign and symptom of HPV infection.

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