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Pregnancy and Pap smear

Regular medical follow-up is very important during pregnancy and Pap smear is one of the most important tests for pregnant women. The Pap smear helps to evaluate cervical cells status and detect different cervical diseases. Pregnant women must watch closely their own health as it is directly linked to the baby’s health. Women shouldn’t neglect a Pap smear, especially if doctor recommends to do it.

The cervix is responsible for keeping the fetus inside the uterus until the delivery. If the cervix is weakened by a disease, there is a greater risk of miscarriage. Pelvic exams during pregnancy and Pap smear screening allow doctors to discover and treat cervical conditions in time that can cause different complications to a pregnant woman.  A Pap smear is especially recommended for smokers and those who have history of sexually transmitted infections.

The Pap smear is a simple diagnostic procedure. It is safe for the health of the pregnant woman and her baby. This test includes collecting a cytological sample from the surface of the cervix and a microscopic examination of the obtained material. The sampling doesn’t harm the cervical tissue or any part of the vagina. Doctors often need to evaluate the cervical tissue during pregnancy and Pap smear gives them an opportunity to do it safely.

It is very dangerous if a woman has unusual discharges during pregnancy and Pap smear is abnormal. These events may be suggestive of a serious problem that can be fatal for the baby. It is critical to follow all the doctor’s recommendations in such cases and sometimes hospitalization is needed to save the baby. The treatment depends on the severity of problem and may vary from pharmacotherapy to surgery. Surgical methods are used only in the most severe cases and doctors prefer to resort to surgery only after delivery.

Pregnancy is a very important period in every woman's life. Pregnant women try to make sure the baby is healthy and often seek professional advice concerning normal development of the fetus and necessary diagnostic procedures. They can get the information about the course of pregnancy and Pap smear from health care providers and on special medical websites.

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