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Pap smear

A Pap smear is used to screen for any abnormal tissue changes on the cervix.   The doctor will obtain tissue samples from a swab rubbed over the cervix and collect cells for testing.  If the doctor then suspects HPV as being the reason for the infected cells he will then request that the woman be tested or will schedule a colposcopy at a later date and do a biopsy of the suspicious cells.  When the cell samples are evaluated they will determine size, shape and the structure of the cells.  A normal Pap result only comes after all the removed tissues are deemed normal.  Abnormal cells will have definite cellular changes and will be referred to as mild, moderate, severe dysplasia or cancer.

An abnormal Pap smear does not mean a person has HPV nor does it mean there is cervical cancer.  There are other causes of abnormal cells that could be caused by a yeast infection or bacterial infection.  Once these are treated the Pap will return to normal.  If HPV is the culprit, then working on the immune system is in order so that a person builds immunity to the HPV type they are carrying.  If cancer is detected the doctor will remove those cells via a few different procedures to remove the cancerous tissue.  

Once there has been an abnormal Pap smear the doctor will usually schedule repeat Pap smears every 3-6 months to keep an eye on changes that occur.  If the cell changes worsen and do not go away he will start suggesting procedures to remove the abnormal tissue.   Those procedures do have a 40% recurrence rate because the immune system will still need to build immunity to the type of HPV causing the abnormal cell changes.  

Building immunity to the HPV types can only be accomplished through the immune system.  The virus is illusive and in some cases the immune system needs help in building the antibodies.  Certain Aloe vera extracts function as immune modulators and may help a person’s immune system to see the HPV is there and then build immunity.  Once you build immunity the follow-up Pap smear should then return to normal.

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