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Pap smear information

Pap smear information may provide data on the most common diseases found by this test and methods of their treatment. Pap smear is one of the most commonly used tests for screening of vaginal and cervical conditions.  The procedure of conducting a Pap smear includes taking a cytological sample from the cervix and its microscopic examination. The aim of this test is to detect abnormalities in cells which may be caused by different factors. 

Pap smear information helps people better understand that it is really important to avoid risky sexual behavior. Very often cervical abnormalities are related to sexually transmitted infections. These are viral and bacterial diseases which are more likely to occur in persons practicing unprotected sex with multiple partners or at an early age. 

Sometimes cell changes are caused by use of vaginal creams, jellies and tampons or by sexual intercourse before a Pap smear. It may be difficult to analyze the cytological sample if it was taken during menstruation, so the results are not always exact in this case. It is recommended that women consult their doctor about an appropriate date of the test. Women should get Pap smear information so that they can know necessary instructions to follow before the test. 

Pap smear is one of most effective tools to detect cervical lesions that can lead to cervical cancer.  If tests reveal lesions at a precancerous stage, there is a better chance to prevent cancer. But the problem is that cervical lesions develop inside the vagina and they are rarely accompanied by physical symptoms. That is why women should undergo medical check-ups at least once a year. Pap smear information may include data on different tests that women should undergo regularly. 

Pap smear information may describe the ways of treatment which are used for cervical conditions. Slightly abnormal cells may return to normal on their own. Some disease may be cured by pharmacotherapy. Moderate and severe cervical lesions often require surgical removal by cryotherapy, laser, electrical loop or cold knife. In some serious cases it may be necessary to remove the whole cervix or uterus.

Sometimes women with an abnormal Pap smear don't understand the real meaning of the test results. They need more explanations and information about possible causes and consequences of an abnormal Pap smear. It is possible to get Pap smear information on special medical sites or from health care providers.

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