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Human papilloma virus treatment

Modern human papilloma virus treatment methods are primarily aimed to remove the symptoms of the infection, but not to eliminate the virus itself. In general, the treatment of any sexually transmitted disease includes elimination of the infection, elimination of symptoms, prevention of complications, and prevention of further transmission. But nowadays, there is no traditionally effective systemic human papilloma virus treatment.  Total elimination of the infection is virtually impossible initially by surgical means and the treatment cannot always prevent further transmission. 

The most common cause of concern related to human papilloma virus is the genital infection. It is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections which is mainly linked to two diseases: dysplasia of genital organs and perianal area and genital warts. The treatment for genital warts is directed to remove symptoms of the disease and the purpose of the treatment for dysplasia is to prevent malignant degeneration of lesions. Modern human papilloma virus treatment includes the destruction of lesions, application of chemical and cytotoxic drugs, and the use of immune response modifiers. 

Physically destructive methods for human papilloma virus treatment involve cryodestruction, surgical excision, laser ablation and electrocoagulation. These methods are effective in removing diseased areas. At the same time, the recurrence rate is increased, because the latent infection may be present in apparently healthy skin. Destructive treatment is necessary in case of severe dysplasia since it is a precancerous condition. 

Cytotoxic and chemical drugs are commonly used for human papilloma virus treatment, primarily for genital warts. Their effect consists of destroying cells by anti-profilerative effects or chemical destruction. This group of drugs includes podophyllin, podophyllotoxin, trichloroacetic acid, 5-fluorouracil and some others. It should be noted that the use of these medications has shown a high rate of side reactions which may be an inflammation, pain, and ulcerations. Most of these drugs cannot be used during pregnancy. 

Recent studies have clarified different aspects in the biology of human papilloma virus infection which can help to develop new methods of treatment. One of the most promising strategies to reduce the prevalence of human papilloma virus is the vaccination. In the future, human papilloma virus treatment will hopefully include widespread use of preventive and therapeutic vaccines and new antiviral drugs which will help to treat both asymptomatic infections and viral-induced lesions., Cure HPV Naturally, Natural HPV Cure

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