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HPV prevention

HPV prevention is important because it helps to avoid different cutaneous and mucosal diseases. The prevalence of HPV infection is great and health care providers devote much attention to protect the population against HPV and related diseases. HPV infection develops in the epithelial layer of different parts of the body and it is able to damage the cellular structures. Cellular damage accumulates causing abnormal cell growths. That is how HPV-related symptoms and lesions appear. 

The most common manifestation of HPV infection is the presence of different types of warts. Warts are benign tumors that can occur on the face, hands, feet, trunk, genital organs etc. Genital warts, also called condyloma accuminata, are a very frequent sexually transmitted disease. Usually HPV-infected people go to a clinic in order to get rid of the warts. In view of a high incidence of HPV-related disease, especially warts, people should get more information about HPV prevention.   

It was found out that some types of HPV can initiate cellular changes which can become cancerous with time. Carcinogenic potential of certain HPV types have been discovered when medical researches showed that almost all cervical cancers were associated with HPV. This discovery helped doctors to improve strategies to prevent the development of cancerous lesions. Thus, HPV prevention is one of the essential ways to decrease the risk for cervical cancer. 

HPV prevention includes measures to reduce the chances of the viral transmission. HPV infection is most commonly spread through sexual contacts, so it is highly recommended to avoid risky sexual behavior. Sex-related risk factors of HPV infection are having multiple partners, frequent change of sexual partners, sex before the age of 16, and unprotected sexual intercourse. It should be noted, however, that condoms cannot fully protect against HPV, as the virus may be present in the areas which are not covered. 

HPV-related diseases generally occur if the immune system is weakened. Normally, immune cells are strong enough to control HPV infection and they don’t let it progress. But some factors, like smoking and bad nutrition, are able to lower our immunity which gives a chance for the development of HPV-induced lesions. For this reason, strengthening of the immune system is very important for HPV prevention.

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