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HPV information

HPV information provides data on the most common diseases caused by this virus, the ways of its transmission, and methods of its treatment. HPV is a highly contagious virus and there are millions of HPV infected people all over the world. It can induce numerous conditions, some of which are very dangerous, and people should know how to prevent this infection.

HPV affects skin and mucosal membranes and may be transmitted by any skin-to-skin contact. Most often HPV infection is spread through sexual contacts. Such factors as having multiple sex partners, sexual activity at an early age, and unprotected sex significantly increase risk of HPV and other sexually transmitted infections. HPV information helps people better understand that it is really important to avoid risky sexual behavior. 

HPV can trigger abnormal cell changes in different parts of the body. A common manifestation of HPV is the presence of benign skin growths – warts, which can develop on the hands, feet, head, trunk, and genital organs. Some types of HPV are able to initiate pre-malignant lesions like cervical dysplasia and malignant tumors, in particular cervical cancer, and this fact also suggests that it is necessary to spread HPV information. 

Annual medical check-ups may reveal HPV infection at an early stage and this helps to prevent the development of serious health problems. One of the most important tools to detect signs of genital HPV infection in women, the main risk factor for cervical cancer, is the Pap smear. HPV information usually includes data on the tests that women should undergo regularly. 

HPV information lets people know what kind of treatment may be used for HPV-associated conditions, like warts or cervical dysplasia. There are a lot of methods varying from pharmacotherapy to surgical removal of lesions. If invasive cancer is present chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be used. The most important thing to be noted is that early detection of disease increases efficacy of treatment.

Some people suspect they are infected by HPV. In this case they should seek recommendations about diagnostics and treatment of this infection. People can get HPV information on special medical sites or from health care providers., HPV Symptoms, HPV Treatment

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