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HPV infection

Most people are shocked to find out they have an HPV infection and have a hard time understanding why and where it came from.  The fact is any partner you have had in the past or present could have been carrying a type of HPV and has not been aware of it.  This virus can remain dormant in the body for many years before detection or symptoms occur so it is best to assume that any partner you may have could possibly be carrying a type of HPV.  

The HPV infection will show up in the form of plantar warts, flat warts, genital warts or dysplasia.  The warts vary in shape,  color, and size from one person to the next and can also be so small you may not even be aware that they are there.  The dysplasia is abnormal cell formation referred to as lesions on the cervix, vaginal walls, or vulva in women.  Once you have been diagnosed with an HPV infection you are then considered contagious until immunity to those types is accomplished.  

In dealing with the HPV infection a woman needs to understand that she can combat the virus through her immune system by helping the immune system to be stronger through life style changes such as: stop smoking if you are a smoker, eating healthier, getting plenty of sleep and lowering stress levels as much as possible.  Vitamins and herbal supplements can help the immune system detect the HPV types, which can be very illusive, and ultimately build immunity to them.

Natural remedies are sometimes used for treatment of HPV infection and eliminate the symptoms in most people.  It is a more effective treatment than the choices the doctors will normally offer which are only removal of the abnormal tissues, methods which do not remove the virus.  It is a less invasive way of dealing with the symptoms and as a person builds immunity the abnormal tissue will return to normal tissue.  Immunity to one type does not mean you have immunity to other types that has to be dealt with as the different types are contracted.  There are over 70 types of HPV so there can be exposure to a new type of HPV infection through any new partner or non-monogamous partner.

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