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How is HPV transmitted?

"How is HPV transmitted?" and "How are HPV-related problems treated?" are among the most frequently asked questions on the websites devoted to infectious diseases. HPV infection and HPV-associated problems are very common in sexually active people. In general, this virus may be spread through any direct contact with an infected person. This virus is highly contagious, and this fact explains a great prevalence of different kinds of warts – the most typical manifestation of HPV. 

Answering the question "How is HPV transmitted?", the first point to be considered is the sexual transmission. It is well-known that HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world. Genital HPV infection is associated with different diseases like genital warts (condylomas) and cervical dysplasia. In most cases genital HPV infection is not accompanied by obvious symptoms and HPV-infected people usually spread it unknowingly. Even condoms cannot provide very effective protection. 

Some people asking the question "How is HPV transmitted?" are very surprised when they learn that HPV infection may be spread through oral contacts. It is primarily related to oral sex. It was found out that a high number of oral HPV infections are associated with genital types of HPV. At the same time, the transmission through mouth-to-mouth contacts is not excluded. It should be noted that a strong immune defense in the oral cavity usually doesn’t let HPV infection develop, that is why oral HPV-induced lesions are not very common. 

In some cases vertical transmission of HPV is possible; it means that the virus passes from an infected mother to a baby at the time of delivery. The virus usually infects the baby’s oral mucosa and, in very rare cases, the infection is persistent and it may cause the development of laryngeal papillomas. More often than not, childbirth HPV transmission does not have serious consequences for the baby. Anyway, HPV-infected pregnant women should discuss the question "How is HPV transmitted?" with their individual obstetrician. 

People should know how to prevent HPV infection and how to treat HPV-associated diseases. It is possible to get the information about HPV from health care providers. Moreover, there are a lot of Web resources where people can find different data on HPV and other infections and receive answers to questions like "How is HPV transmitted?", "What are HPV-related problems?", "What are possible treatment options for HPV-induced diseases?" and many others., Natural Treatment for HPV, How to Cure HPV Naturally

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