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Cervical dysplasia natural treatment

Cervical dysplasia natural treatment is often used along with surgical removal of cervical lesions. Cervical dysplasia means an abnormal growth of tissue on the cervix. This condition may be due to different factors, but in most cases it is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus infects epithelial cells and it uses the cells' energy and material to produce new viral particles. The normal development of infected cells is damaged which leads to changes of cellular structure. 

Our immune system is able to detect viruses and to destroy them or inhibit their activity.  But sometimes it is weakened, and viral infections develop more quickly and cause different diseases. In women genital HPV infection often resides on the cervix, causing dysplasia of epithelial layer. The main purpose of cervical dysplasia natural treatment is to strengthen our body's protective mechanisms to get rid of cervical abnormalities. 

Not all HPV infections lead to the development of epithelial lesions. There are about one hundred HPV types and only a few types are more likely to induce cervical lesions. Cervical dysplasia natural treatment helps to develop specific immunity for these types and to neutralize their activity. Once specific immunity is developed, it may defend the body from future reinfection with the same viral types. 

In case of surgical treatment for cervical dysplasia there is always some risk of complications. Surgery helps to remove lesions, but it can’t eliminate the virus. Virus may remain in the unremoved cells and can cause lesions again. Cervical dysplasia natural treatment helps to suppress the virus in the body, that is why it is associated with a lower recurrence rate.

Surgery may cause pain and discomfort and it necessarily requires some period for recuperation. Cervical dysplasia natural treatment helps to avoid these problems.

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