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Abnormal Pap smear test

Abnormal Pap smear test indicates that some abnormalities have been found in cervical cells. There are a lot of factors that may be the cause of abnormalities in a Pap smear. It may be an inflammation caused by trichomonas, candida, gonococcus or Chlamydia infections. After treatment of these infections Pap smear usually returns to normal.

A common cause of an abnormal Pap smear test is the presence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus may reside in the epithelial cells of the cervix, and it can also induce the development of warts on the external genital organs. There are many types of HPV and some of them are associated with cervical cancer. That is why women with abnormal Pap smear results and HPV infection are at an increased risk of cervical cancer.

The management of patients with an abnormal Pap smear test depends on the degree of cellular abnormalities. If inflammation is detected it is usually recommended to repeat the Pap smear in a few months. In case of need, doctors prescribe an appropriate treatment. If slight abnormalities are found, it may be recommended to undergo follow-up Pap smears, and sometimes a colposcopy or HPV DNA test are prescribed.

In some cases abnormal Pap smear results suggest the presence of cervical lesions. But this test only helps to detect atypical cells and may be difficult to define the size of the lesion when the result is abnormal. That is why doctors refer patients with an abnormal Pap smear test for other diagnostic procedures like colposcopy and biopsy.

Risk factors for an abnormal Pap smear test include risky sexual behavior, smoking, and weakness of immune system. Women having a history of these factors should follow all the  doctor’s recommendations and undergo regular check-ups. It is very important to detect a disease at an early stage, thus its treatment is much more effective.

Pap smear plays a great role in diagnosing cervical dysplasia and other asymptomatic conditions. The test is usually painless or may cause only minor discomfort. Every woman shouldn’t forget that it is worthwhile to have this test on a yearly basis.  Although an abnormal Pap smear test may be suggestive of different problems, it doesn’t necessarily mean cancer. 

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