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Genital warts description

Genital warts vary in appearance depending on location and stage of development. They can be very small, light-colored dots at first. A full-blown genital wart is usually fleshy and raised significantly above the normal skin with a cauliflower appearance. They may be friable, bleed easily, and itch. Warts can occur in singles, or in clumps, and in multiple locations including the genital area (on or inside the penis, vagina, or anus) and the oral cavity. Genital warts occur in a small percentage of HPV infections. To be examined for genital warts, men should see an urologist, and women should see an OB-Gyn doctor. Genital warts are also called acuminate warts, condyloma acuminata, verruca acuminata, or venereal wart.

Depending on the accessibility and sensitivity of the warts, it helps to gently file down a few warts (unless the warts are on the face), with a fingernail file each day prior to application of any substance. This helps expose the HPV to the immune cells by tearing up a few infected cells. The amount of filing should be minimal and does not need to be done to every wart in order to be effective. The objective is not to file away the warts, but just to rough up the skin of some warts once a day for better exposure of the HPV virus to the immune system.  Once immunity develops, all the warts should be gone within a few weeks, even the ones not treated topically.

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