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Digene Hybrid Capture® HPV DNA Test

A Digene Test requires either a cervical swab, penile urethral swab, or biopsy material of a wart, the cervix, or vagina. It is generally performed by an OB-GYN doctor (for women), or by an urologist (for men).

The Digene Hybrid Capture® HPV DNA Test picks up about 25% of the HPV types which represent the most common and/or most serious types. These types are divided into 2-3 different groups, such as low risk, moderate risk, and high risk groups.

The Digene Test determines in which groups the HPV type(s) are located. The test does not determine the specific types present, just the specific groups. The Digene Hybrid Capture® HPV DNA Test may be falsely negative, meaning that it fails to detect HPV even when HPV is present. This is particularly true for the HPV types that the Digene Test is not designed to detect.

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