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Beta-mannan™ Dietary Supplement Product


Dr. Glickman's Beta-mannan™ dietary supplement has been sold to thousands of customers worldwide since 1996.

Beta-mannan™ is a nutritional food supplement that contains concentrated extracts of the compounds in Aloe vera to support normal immune function.  It is completely natural and organic and is classified as a dietary food supplement.

Beta-mannan™ is a proprietary product and is not available in health food stores. It is available only through Alotek Supplement Company, which has an outstanding record with the Better Business Bureau.

Beta-mannan™ is manufactured under strict guidelines with the highest regard for both quality and consistency. It is produced only in the United States and in accordance with federal FDA and state regulations. The facilities are inspected regularly by the FDA and are approved under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

Beta-mannan™ consists of long-chain, mannose, mucopolysaccharide molecules, also referred to as beta-mannans and beta-glucans. Beta-mannan™ has no other compounds from Aloe vera.

These mucopolysaccharide molecules support normal immune function. They are non-allergenic with no laxative effects – no allergic reaction to them has ever been reported.


The ingredients of Beta-mannan™ include, in each serving of 2 capsules: Natural Vitamin E, as natural d-alpha-tocopherol, 100 IU, 333% Daily Value; Proprietary Blend of Aloe vera gel (beta-mannan concentrates extracted with low temperature dehydration), 1000 mg, Daily Value not established. Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, and a gelatin capsule of vegetable source. It does not contain any sugar, salt, soy, yeast, dairy products, preservatives, or artificial colors. The gelatin capsule is a Vegi-cap® which is a 100% vegetarian capsule made from pure carbohydrate gum derived from natural cellulose pulp of the soft tissue of pine trees. A bottle contains 60 capsules.


Beta-mannan™ is $29.50 USD per bottle and has a 150-day, money-back, guarantee.

Monthly Discount Savings Plan (MDSP):

This discount option requires payment by credit or debit card since payment is necessary prior to shipment each month. However, by selecting the Monthly Discount Savings Plan at the time of your order, you can purchase products for only $26.55 USD per bottle, thereby saving $2.95 USD per bottle.

Advantages of the Monthly Discount Savings Plan:

  • Save 10% starting right now!
  • Convenient automatic delivery every 30 days.
  • Cancel or change your order at any time by phone or by email.

Capsules per bottle: 60.


Three bottles per month for 3 months, then one bottle per month indefinitely for optimal health and immune support.

Order options:

You may order Dr. Glickman's Beta-mannan™ supplement from Alotek Supplement Company as follows:

Contact information:

Phone: 1-206-497-4346; only English speakers are in our USA office.

Fax: 1-406-258-0608

Business Hours: 9AM-4PM, Mountain Standard Time, Monday-Friday

Postal Mail: P.O. Box 5224, Kalispell, MT 59901 USA

Returns: 2010 W. Franklin Street, P.O. Box 440, Carlyle, IL 62231 USA


Shipping information per ORDER: (all except EU countries and United Kingdom) 

Shipping Method
Shipping Cost Per ORDER
Delivery Time in Business Days
USA - Priority Mail
$5.95 USD
USA - Express Mail
$22.50 USD
* Canada - Global Express
$28.00 USD

* South America - Express Mail International

$38.00 USD
* Middle East - Express Mail International
$38.00 USD
* Other Foreign - Express Mail International
$38.00 USD

Foreign orders (outside of USA): In some countries there may be additional customs fees and taxes that are beyond our control.  All foreign orders require a phone number, postal code, and email address.  We have been unable to ship to Mexico due to lack of delivery reliability, and cannot ship to the EU or UK.

Dr. Joe Glickman, Jr., M.D.

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